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Dental Services

At Hatton Garden Dental Practice we offer a comprehensive range of services:

Oral Screening
The maintenance of good oral health is one of our core objectives.To maintain oral health, your dentist will screen for oral cancer. If detected early oral cancer can be successfully treated.
Hygiene Care
Healthy gums lead to a confident smile. Our in house hygienist will ensure that patients use the correct cleaning techniques consistently.
Restorative Treatment
We use minimally invasive techniques whilst utilising state of the art Kavo dental equipment and restorative materials of highest quality thus achieving the best possible aesthetic results.
Root Canal Therapy
When a painful abscess forms or loss of tooth structure results in the necessity for root canal therapy, Dr David Leo Thompson, the practice principal is available to ensure that the root canal therapy is as pain free as possible. Dr Thompson who enjoys a special interest in root canal therapy will talk you through the procedure step by step in his calming professional manner.
Despite an emphasis on the prevention of tooth loss it is unfortunately unavoidable on some occasions to remove a tooth. Tooth extractions will be performed in a controlled manner, consequently reducing pain and potential postoperative problems.
At Hatton Garden Dental Practice we offer a varied selection of crown options to suit your personal needs, ranging from beautiful Emax all porcelain crowns to precious metal Gold coverings.
Removable Dentures
Dentures whether full or partial should be natural looking with the best possible retention. Dr David Leo Thompson, the practice principal has a special interest in denture construction coupled with over 14 years of successful provision, using natural looking Vivadent teeth. In the construction of the denture Dr David Leo Thompson will ensure a natural looking, comfortable and retentive denture specifically made for your individual needs.
Sedation (Referral)
If you are anxious or have dental phobias, sedation is offered so treatment is both painless and comfortable.
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Wisdom tooth removal can be daunting but at Hatton Garden Dental Practice an experienced team is on hand to ensure the treatment is painless and controlled with supportive aftercare.
Tooth Whitening
We offer the Enlighten - Tooth Whitening Service or Tooth Whitening Kits for home use.
Home Visits for Wheelchair Users
Home visits are offered upon request for wheelchair users and housebound patients wanting to register with the practice.
Saturday Appointments
Saturday by Appointment
Referrals for specialist procedures are available at the practice.